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Warum Roh Saft?
5 March 2018

Warum Roh Saft?

Those who read us for some time know that at Valya, we like to share knowledge and explanations useful to the health of all.

 We made the radical choice to keep our super juices RAW, never heated (today, only 2% of the juices on the market meet this quality).

 In this article, we explain why this benefits you:

 98% of the juices on the market undergo a rise in temperature, for what is classically called pasteurization.

 More precisely, pasteurization is a method of preservation by elimination of microorganisms (especially bacteria) at high heat, from 80 to 120 degrees.

 The result is a near-sterile product, which can spend months on supermarket shelves at room temperature.

 The economic benefit is clear: since the product can be stored longer, you can produce more at once, carry more at a time, and store it at low cost.

 The health benefit, on the other hand, is less clear. And for good reason: there is not really any.

 About bacterias (the good ones we need):

 For an ultra-fresh juice, as long as the production hygiene is respected, and the fruits and vegetables used are healthy, it is sure not to pasteurize. You do not pasteurize your fruits before eating them, do you?

 To keep a juice a little longer, there are also new preservation methods such as HPP, which keeps the product raw and reduce the risk of pathogenic bacterial development.

 And it is well known: not all bacteria are bad, quite the opposite. Less than 1% is harmful to us, and many are useful and even vital.

 The good bacteria will help us rebalance our intestinal flora, strengthen our immune defenses, improve our assimilation of micronutrients (or even produce some) ...

  In addition to bacteria:

 Pasteurization damages a lot of nutrients that are useful for us.

 For example, pasteurization destroys 90% of enzymes in just a few seconds. The enzymes of fruits and vegetables are precious allies for our organism, particularly helping digestion and assimilation of nutrients.

 Another example is 58% more vitamin C in unpasteurized pineapple juice compared to its pasteurized counterpart, 50% in an orange juice. The famous vitamin C is crucial for optimal metabolism and gives energy to everyday life.

 All this is reflected in the final taste of the product: a juice that does not have a fresh taste, which does not seem to be made with real fruits and vegetables.

  That's why at Valya we decided not to do like everyone else, and to serve you real food by bringing you a good and nutritious Super-Juice, as close as possible to the original form: fresh fruits and vegetables.