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Food has undergone considerable changes in recent decades, mainly due to the industrialization of the food sector. The major actors of this industry use food additives, processing and preservation technologies that help their bottom line but that reduce products’ nutritional quality and impact consumers’ health.

We want to help the public gain awareness and understanding of the importance of nutrition in well-being and personal fulfillment, and want to provide with practical and affordable solutions.

We are not reinventing the wheel: similar solutions already exist and are enjoying great success in the United States and around the world. Faced with the lack of local alternatives, we simply want to contribute to the real food revolution in our region, and to help the local economy by showing that entrepreneurship on the old continent is possible.

The team

Early 2016, Illya and Valéry - who had met at university - reconnected in Geneva and discovered that they shared the same observations. Driven by the desire to improve the situation, they concluded that entrepreneurship was necessary to improve people’s daily life through food. They become partners and develop the ideal product to start their mission: cold-pressed vegetable and fruit juices, natural, delicious and as nutritious as possible.

Illya, Co-founder


Born in London, it is mainly in the south of France that Illya grew up surrounded by her brothers and sisters, in an environment very close to nature. After studying business and then marketing, which took her to China and across Europe, this Swiss-Canadian gained experience in marketing and communication but always remained in search of an activity which would nourish both her soul and her body. Sporty from a very young age, Illya, young mother, has found the formula of well-being and balance: a healthy lifestyle combining good nutrition, exercise, healthy relationships with others, and beautiful projects!

Valéry, Co-founder


Valéry was born in Annecy and grew up nearby Geneva.
After his studies in business and finance in Switzerland and the United States, this Swiss-French worked several years in wealth management and then left the sector to build a professional career in line with his values.
Free-spirited, borderline-idealistic, altruistic, he believes in the deep-rooted goodness of the human, which he wants to help reveal.
Passionate about nutrition and all forms of natural helpers to radiant health, Valéry studied and experimented several dietary practices these past years, to end up centering around raw food. During his nutritional journey, some things have evolved but juices stayed an enjoyable constant.

Fiona, Nutrition Expert


From an Irish mother and a French father, Fiona was born and raised in the south of France. After two years in Montpellier including a year in “classe préparatoire” for the “Grandes Ecoles”, she found her calling as a pharmacist and decided to pursue her studies in Switzerland. Working in Geneva for 10 years, she often saw her mother sick and more and more patients with digestive disorders overlooked by modern medicine, and so decided to deepen her knowledge in nutrition, and later in micronutrition, in order to provide them with concrete solutions and real support. Adventurer, sporty and foodie, food has always been a passion for her, she tries to share it with all that come her way.

Our values

To us, something is meaningful when it is just and impacting. Meaning is the reason we started our business, and it drives every decision that we make.
Truth and honesty should be at the foundation of any business (and of anything, for that matter). When you look around closely, particularly in the food and beverage industry, it does not seem to be everybody’s point of view. We want this to change. Our communication does not hide anything and does not use any trick to mislead the consumer.
We are open and pride ourselves in taking into account any perspective, different or new, from anyone. We also strive to have the same flexibility in our actions. If we make a mistake, we admit it and take corrective action.
Nothing shall be left incomplete or badly executed, neither product nor service.
Joy is of paramount importance in our scale of values. We do everything to have a joyous workplace and to bring joy to people through our products and actions.
Power is in the hands of everybody if they only take the time to realize it. At our own scale, we strive to transmit this principle and give resources to everyone around us, may they be employees, clients, suppliers, business partners, or others.
To us, something is meaningful when it is just and impacting. Meaning is the reason we started our business, and it drives every decision that we make.