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Cleanses - Allergies and intolerances

If you suffer from food allergies or intolerances, we will do our best to adapt our cleanses. Simply notify us of the exclusions we should make in the comments of your order. We take the opportunity to send you a message of hope : we had directly and indirectly many testimonies of reduction in food allergies and intolerances thanks to juice 2.0. The positive influence should mainly come from the contribution of juice 2.0 to the recovery of a good gut wall and gut flora.


Let’s laugh, sing and dance! Joy is one of our core values ! We will do our best to make your event healthier and happier. Individual or corporate, we can provide for parties any size, any time.

Enterprise contracts

Eating habits are a pillar of well-being. By helping your staff having healthier and more nutritious food, you participate actively in the increase of their well-being and productivity at work. And they will be grateful for that. Valya products are designed to be efficient and practical, and thus adapt to a wide variety of work environments. Flexible by nature, we will collaborate with your company no matter its size or sector (as long as you’re friendly 😉 …), and will craft the partnership that best fits your need.

Become a distributor

You think that your customers would enjoy Valya products? You are right! (they are so delicious…) Whether you are operating in the hospitality sector (hotel, café, bar, restaurant, catering, cafeteria), the sports & wellness sector (sports club, gym or fitness, yoga studio, wellness or beauty center), or as a retailer (delicatessen, …), we are looking forward to working with you! We can provide you with retail or bulk packaging, depending on your needs.