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Custom Cleanse - Soft

Soft Cleanse

The soft level is ideal for beginners or those who want a comfy cleanse: All Super-Juices are veggie & fruit ! Tailor the cleanse to your needs: select the duration (from 2 to 14 days) as well as the delivery date.

What are the benefits of this cleanse? They are numerous and amplified when done regularly. For a purified and detoxified body throughout the year, a cleanse every three month is a very good start but Valya advises you a monthly cleanse to offer your body a health break each month.

Benefits of the soft cleanse program

Generic benefits of regular Super-Juice consumption:

  • Micronutrition & remineralization: sustains metabolism (including detox), energizes (physical and mental activity), helps optimal immune system function
  • Antioxidant action: helps slow down aging, prevent cancer and other degenerative diseases
  • Enzyme intake: improves digestion and nutrient absorptions
  • Gut flora re-balancing: helps digestion and transit comfort, helps optimal immune system function

and also:

  • Significant to extreme detox, depending on cleanse length 
  • Significant to complete digestive system repair, depending on cleanse length
  • Significant to extreme boost in cognitive functions, depending on cleanse length
  • Significant to complete weight rebalancing, depending on cleanse length
  • Kickstart healthy habits

What does my juice box contain

Each box you will receive will contain a program guide as well as the number of Super Juices depending on the duration of the cleanse you choose. For optimal freshness, cleanses longer than 5 days are shipped in two times. Further you can choose the delivery dates of the boxes.

For one day a box contains:

  • 1x Ginger Lemonade (250ml)
  • 6x Super-Juice(Légumes & Fruits) (250ml)
  • 2x Plant Power Shot (60ml)

Total 670-750 Kcal/day

Ingredients: Various organic fruits and vegetables

Allergens: Can notably contain: apple, pear, pineapple, celery, almond.


For each day of cleansing, find in your box:

1 Ginger Lemonade (250ml)

6 Super-Juice (Veggies & Fruits) (250ml)

2 Plant Power Shot (60ml)

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